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Feeling Nervous? Empowerment Tips from Drama School Graduates

Updated: Feb 14

Actors, Writers, and Producers working on stage and screen, all graduates of Top Drama Schools, reveal empowering keys to their success!

This is fun.

We asked a bunch of artists to answer 3 questions about the college audition process....

  1. What’s an adjective that best describes an Actor you want to work with?

  2. What scared you about Auditioning for top drama schools?

  3. What is an Artist?

These are artists who graduated with B.F.A. from places like Yale, Rutgers, Juilliard, and more.

They know what it is to audition and get accepted at the top drama schools.

Not only that, they have plenty of real-world experience and around what a great artist DOES.

We took the top responses and shared them here.

Enjoy reading the responses. Are you ready to audition for the top drama schools?


Adjectives to best describe an actor you want to work with:











What scared you about College auditions?

Thinking I wasn’t ready to pursue at the collegiate level

Jumping in to a career that would not have a next step after graduating

Whether or not I’d be what the school was looking for

Not knowing what was expected of me/ What they were looking for

Having a feeling of being underprepared

*Choosing the right pieces

Terrified I wouldn’t be a good fit for the school, that my work was only good to me

Thinking location would have a detrimental effect on me as a person

What is an Artist?

An artist holds the mirror up to reality.  

We reflect what the world authentically presents.

An Artist is someone who creates!!!

An Artist is a member of Society born to reflect and also entertain that Society. Serve as Society’s mirror and its relief from itself.

Work hard, connect deeply to your pieces, and be the best Artist you can be!

'Nuff said!

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