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"I would definitely recommend this coaching, because it's very rare to find people as knowledgeable, kind, and giving. These are true friends throughout the audition process." 

-Britnie Narcisse, Juilliard ('22)

Nice To Meet You! Here's What Makes Us Different... 

  • All of our coaches are Juilliard or Yale grads. We've gotten accepted to the top drama schools ourselves, which is a super strong resource for you to have.

  • We offer an attractive community. We host Q&As online throughout your preparation, provide endless monologue suggestions in our Private WhatsApp group, introduce you to inspiring special guests, offer text analysis tutorials, and more.

  • We put our students in contact with our numerous real-world connections. The real world can be tough! If you work with us, we'll keep a relationship with you throughout your schooling and help progress your career any way we can.

  • We are here to help. We were YOU 10 years ago! We've walked the walk and know the feelings. We've kept up with what it’s like and we want to help you succeed. 

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Community support and group events

Questions: 210-708-5495 |

The acceptance rate at Juilliard is less than 1%, but talent is only PART of the equation!

Getting into any great drama program is about being you, doing pieces you deeply connect with, and being confident!

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Monologue Coaching with How To Get Into Drama School will help you bring your best work to the audition panel...


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"I was accepted into 7 out of the 7 top drama schools in the nation. We will greatly improve your audition."

-Anthony Wofford, Juilliard ('09)

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✔ narrow down the best schools to apply to for YOU

✔ improve the acting in your monologues

✔ craft your audition flow

✔ make smart choices about headshots, resumes, applications, and wardrobe

✔ know exactly what to expect in the audition and interview

✔ prepare your mindset

✔ have multiple Juilliard and Yale contacts in your phone!


BONUS VALUE by coaching with us is: 

improving you as an actor

making connections with industry pros that will last a lifetime 

We Are Friends Throughout The Process And Are There For You In Every Aspect... 

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What You Get

What You Get With Our Program...

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  • 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Juilliard & Yale grads

    • explore NEW suggestions in your work and unlock your creativity and way of working with trusted mentors

  • Full Shakespeare Course

    • led by Gary Logan, the most sought-after Shakespeare trainer in the world

  • 1-on-1 Shakespeare Coaching Sessions​​

    • with Gary Logan​

  • Application Support

    • resume and personal statement feedback

  • Invite to Private WhatsApp Group!

    • access to more drama school alums, tips, interviews, and endless chat with your coach/mentors/community

  • Exclusive Q&As with faculty from the top schools like Juilliard and Yale

    • Chat about topics related to your acting and preparation 

  • Invite to our Mock Auditions

    • Allows you run your entire audition flow from start to finish for a panelist in preparation for the real thing

  • Masterclasses 

    • Share your work in front of the group and observe others as they work with our coaches

  • Digital copy of the book!

    • How To Get Into Drama School: Choosing the Right Monologues and Other Notables by Anthony Wofford

  • Practice. Making. Adjustments. The kind of adjustments they throw at you in the audition rooms. This keeps your piece fresh and exciting.

  • We are a mirror for you. We reflect back to you what we’re seeing, which in turn helps you get more specific and tell the most interesting story.

  • Removing old habits that get in the way of your best work.

  • Your acting will be held to a high standard by making sure you come from a real place, go after an intention, and make bold choices.

  • Walk away with short-term and long-term notes to work on.

What To Expect IN A SESSION...

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Outside the sessions, you are friends with our coaches and can utilize them as you see fit.

  • For questions about a specific school, call or text and we will give you the answers.

  • For recommendations on how to plan your audition trip, we’re available to help.

  • If your parents need someone to talk to, we make ourselves (and even our parents!) accessible to connect with because we know that can be necessary.

  • To stay inspired about auditions and acting in general, we hang out live with our audience frequently online to discuss questions and answers around drama school auditions!

Let's Talk About What You Can Expect OUTSIDE THE SESSIONS...

Outside the sessions, we are easily accessible.  You can call, text, or email us. 

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Other Perks...


Crafting an effective "audition flow" that feels authentic and doesn't sabotage you is integrated into your coaching, so you can feel better about your ENTIRE audition, which starts the moment you walk in the door!

Audition Technique

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Mock Auditions

Practice your full audition for panelists (no stops or do-overs)

✔Get feedback from panelist 


It's a great way to put all your work together and practice walking in the room, owning the space, running your pieces without stopping and get great notes!

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We stay friends throughout your schooling and even as you begin to look to the industry!

We know the terrifying feeling that the industry can sometimes induce, and while we're not industry coaches, we believe in helping if we can.


We actively put students in touch with our casting director friends, agents, managers, and other professionals who can help them progress their career after graduation!


Every little bit helps when you enter the real world!

Contacts For Life!



Monologue & School suggestions

Current students from top drama schools who are willing to help with questions

Recognition, Inspiration, Support

and more fun!


All of our students are invited to join a private WhatsApp group which is full of...

Private WhatsApp Group!


Live Q&As Throughout Your Prep!

Attend our ongoing Q&As on YouTube Live with valuable info about different schools, stories about how we got accepted, tips on how to break down your monologue, and more!

Hear people's questions and take notes!


"I noticed a difference in the way I felt in the audition room - in the best way."

-Omolade Wey, UNC

You Wouldn't Know This Unless You've Been Through The System... 

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Most students who audition for top drama schools struggle with Shakespeare. Be one of the few who STAND OUT with your classical piece. "How To Get Into Drama School" covers scansion, paraphrasing, and other tools to help you improve your Shakespeare monologues for college auditions! 

When they say "Classical monologue", it needs to be Shakespeare and it needs to be GREAT!

shakespare monologue audition.jpg


Richard II and Italian American Reconciliation are contrasting pieces, but they're both dramas. And that combo helped get an actor into Juilliard. Understand what "Contrasting Pieces" REALLY means with this coaching!

When they say "Contrasting pieces", it doesn't just mean "comedy and drama".

contrasting monologues.jpeg


"Why do you want to come to this school?", "What do you want to do after training?", "Tell us about yourself..." Sure you can come up with answers to these questions right now. But schools are looking for something specific behind them. Confidently answer the school's questions with support from this coaching!

If they ask you questions, they're expecting a certain type of response...

prepare for college interview.jpg

💩Over-breathing... :((((
​💩Cry talking... :((((

💩Happy Feet... :((((

💩Over-gesturing... :((((


These indicators of nervousness IMMEDIATELY signal to the schools you're not ready for top-level training!


Eliminate nervous habits now (even the ones you don't know you have) with the help of our coaches.

Are you showing signs of nervousness in your pieces?

bad acting.jpeg

We speak your language and boost your confidence! We are focused on you succeeding! You get incredible feedback and the community will provide additional support.


  • To honor and value your artistry, experience, and viewpoints.

  • To support and encourage you inside and outside of sessions, so you feel great about bringing WHO YOU ARE to the schools.

  • To provide quality feedback and plenty of notes to walk away with.

  • To give a clear idea of what schools are looking for.

  • To improve you as an actor.

  • Be memorized.

  • Take direction well.

  • Come warmed up. 

  • Play full out.

What We Promise...

What We Expect...

100% Money Back Guarantee


We're so confident in the value of "How To Get Into Drama School" Monologue Coaching that we stand behind it with our DRAMATIC (pun intended) 100% Money Back Guarantee for every student. 

We doubt you'll have to take advantage of our Guarantee because actors love our mentorship! 

  You can't miss this:

Exercises and Guidance on your monologues from Juilliard & Yale graduates!

Mentorship on your ENTIRE college audition experience!

Relationships that will serve you for the rest of your CAREER!

What are you waiting for?

Quite frankly, the rest of your auditions from this day forward will be positively affected by your experience with "How To Get Into Drama School" Monologue Coaching. 

P.S: We do not pull any punches: we are coaches, and we train our actors to have great auditions for colleges. All the intangibles are covered. We're there for you. We'll help you polish your work so you can feel confident and deliver your best work to the audition panel GUARANTEED!

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