Our students are currently attending Juilliard, Carnegie Mellon, UNC, NYU, Temple, and more!

Last year, students got accepted to their top choice schools. One gentlemen made it to the final callback of Juilliard (top 40 out of thousands!).

And we’re very proud of all of them! 


But don't take our word for it. We'll let our former students GUSH to you about our coaching...

Britnie Narcisse

School: Juilliard

My coaching was truly life changing.

In the few months that we worked together I truly found my voice as an artist through the pieces we worked on. I was really looking for a coach that would really listen to me, and not try to force me to any box of what I was supposed to sound or look like, and that was what I got.

I wasn’t asked to be anything or produce anything but rather bring out the things in me that were already there. The service I was provided during the college audition process was amazing. My expectations were 100% met, I don't think I could have had anyone else who was as understanding and open. I would definitely recommend this coaching, because it's very rare to find people as knowledgeable, kind, and giving. These are true friends throughout the audition process.

Michael Karlya 

School: Temple

I was looking for someone to help me find material suited for me and work through on process, and this was both.

College auditions are unsurprisingly conducive to anxiousness. After a few weeks looking through the Performing Arts Library, we found a handful of monologues which I felt I resonated with. We met multiple times a month over the course of a few months and broke down each monologue so there was no moment wasted. When I was feeling insecure about my work in those early weeks, and of course the days nearing close to auditions, I had a genuine friend. My focus always got shifted back to the work and with every session I felt my insecurities lessen and my improvements progress. 

They checked in on how I’m doing in the program far after coaching is over and gives helpful advice and real truths about being a working actor. Everything said I take to heart. In the end I ended up at Temple undergrad acting program, have been cast in three shows over the span of a two semesters and feel I’ve landed where I need to be thanks to the audition work I did. Cherish your mentors; I kick myself reflecting on how far I’ve come as an artist, where I came from, and get excited to show those who helped pave the way see my growth in the years to come.

Omolade Wey

School: UNC

I really enjoyed the energy in the room!

I reached out for monologue coaching towards MFA acting program auditions, based on a recommendation by another Juilliarder.

From the first day, it was a safe space for me to explore and grow, and my input was really encouraged and valued regarding character choices and setting a framework for the stories being told. The coaching was super meticulous and detail-attentive. The process added a great deal of value to me.  And they made the work on these monologues fun!

It was frequently mentioned that while we were working towards admission into these awesome MFA programs, the *real* goal was for me to become a better actor, with confidence to go into auditions well equipped to make strong choices. After about 3 months, I noticed a difference in the way I felt in the audition room- in the best way. Even after auditions began, they were there to offer encouragement beforehand, and check-in afterwards to provide support. They were my biggest cheerleaders the entire time, and I was really glad to have them in my corner.

As a result of my coaching, I was accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill’s Professional Actor Training Program (PATP), where I began my MFA training last fall!

Bridgett Davis


Skillful and precise work!

My son worked on his monologues and was given both the tools and confidence to perform well in his auditions, and to be accepted into 8 prestigious college drama programs. My son loved every moment.

They are such wildly talented actors, which only partly explains why they're such effective acting coaches. It’s that rare ability to tap into each student’s unique expression as an artist, and offer specific, individualized guidance to help them realize their potential. It’s a gift.

Ana Nguyen

School: UCLA

I got accepted to my top choice!

I think the biggest challenge I faced was believing in my abilities and feeling that I belonged there at those auditions. I felt like I wasn't talented enough to be there, but then I told myself that there was a reason I was auditioning, and that I was as capable as everyone else in that room.

Daniel Velez

School: NYU

It was wonderful

It eased a lot of fears I had going into this time in our lives. Again, a massive massive help!!

Tyler Fields


This is the real deal. 

Rare mentors that listen attentively and respond to you accordingly. Every rehearsal session was about me and my specific method and acting process, and never about the coach flexing their skills; it’s something that was quite refreshing. I’ve seen and worked with many acting teachers and none possess quite the endearing, open, focused quality of these guys. Through thought-provoking questions, I was allowed to explore every creative avenue within myself. 

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