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Intelligent conversation, passionate artists, drama school graduates unfiltered.

We have two podcast series' you can listen to with tons of great episodes!

S​eries 1 - "let's talk drama school"


Hear stories of how people actually got into drama school and the viewpoint of the faculty that accepts them! In these podcast episodes, you will learn about:

  • Tips to find monologues

  • Exercises and suggestions for rehearsing

  • What happens in the audition room 

  • And more! 


If you do not have a podcasts app, you can find all of these podcast episodes on our YouTube channel. 


Listen to the recent episode below now and subscribe!


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"School Reviews" podcasts feature current students and recent alumni of the top drama schools in the world talking about the hallways and what it's ACTUALLY like to study there. Hear all the specifics from students at Juilliard, NYU, Yale and more who were in your position only a few years ago. Learn the truth about:

  • Faculty and leadership impressions

  • Classes you'll take

  • How safe the campus is

  • Intensity and culture of the program

  • PLUS, get insights into how well the school prepares students for a career in the arts

  • And more!

These episodes are licensed. Use promo code 2021 for 60% off your first purchase!

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