"I asked my coaches to look at my monologues and to be critical. I was speeding it up, slowing down, using extreme voice. Breaking down every line to go deeper. Connecting it to something personal in my life. Doing it so many times 'til I was sick of it, put it down for a day or two and come back to it. Lastly, I kept telling myself, 'I'm going to crush it!', and 'Why not me? I belong there.'" 

-Sheldon Woodley, Accepted to Juilliard

When should I start coaching sessions?


You should book your sessions when your monologue is ready for coaching. Do NOT get a coaching session if you’re still memorizing. Here's why: you will be asked to make adjustments, and if you’re not memorized you will not have a productive session. 


How many sessions should I do?


Anthony did 8. Brandon did around 15.  The best bang for your buck is 14 sessions, and that is the most value we offer. With that 14-Session "Acceptance Loader" package, you will not go one stage of the process without one of us. We're on the phone with you on the morning of the audition. We're talking to you after the lunch break. We're nervous with you, and we're helping you stay confident. Ultimately, when it comes to sessions, you have to assess your own budget and goals. 



Do you recommend spreading the sessions out?


Yes. 1 session every 2-3 weeks or so is a good rhythm for a hard-working actor. Some do more, some do less. You want enough space between sessions so you can explore the feedback you got and build on it. As you find new levels on your own, come back for your next session. 



How does booking a session work?


It's easy! Just click the “Book a Session” link and follow the instructions. If you book multiple sessions, you will get that amount of credits (for example: it will say “8 Credits Remaining”) and you can schedule sessions as you go along. 



How am I going to pay for this?


Option 1. All up front.

Option 2. Payment plan. You must request this option via email, since it requires custom billing in our system. But we're happy to do it for you. Simply email to request setting up your payment plan. The entire process takes 5-10 minutes, and if that's what you need, we will support you!

Option 3. Earn it with job money. We have done ourselves this many times for acting expenses. Taking initiative to get a job to pay for something you want is how you support yourself. Start now. 

FREEBIE! Ask for a Referral Code. Hand your referral code out! For every person who books a session with it, you earn $20 CASH (via Venmo, of course). And your friend will get $20 off, which is nice too. If you would like a referral code, simply request one from Anthony via email -


Do grades matter to drama schools?

Grades matter more at public universities (ex: University of Minnesota) than at private schools (Juilliard). Our GPAs were 3.4 and 3.3. Our SAT scores were 1310 and 1040 to give you a perspective. ​



Is there a difference in the auditions for B.A., B.F.A., and M.F.A. programs?

No. Nothing different about the overall audition itself.  They're all about your ability to go up, drop in, and play.  


Who will I get as a coach? And will my coach change?

Your coach will be assigned to you when you book your sessions. You will not choose. Both coaches are equally effective at what they do. 

For more information about our coaching, explore our What We Offer page. 

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