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Acting Motivation: Drama School Auditions

Updated: May 3, 2020

Am I really good enough?

Do schools really want to accept ME into their program?

What if I pour everything I’ve got into these auditions and don’t deliver, or worse, no one accepts me?

These are the big questions we all ask ourselves as young actors about to audition for drama school.

It’s also so easy to underestimate ourselves and to undervalue the talents and the gifts we have the potential to give to the world.

The truth is, you do have something special that other people can benefit from—and would accept you into their program for.

But way too often, insecurities and doubts act as blockers that prevent us from showing what we’re really made of.

And in reality, everyone who auditions experiences these same insecurities.

This is worth reiterating…

Everyone who is auditioning experiences insecurity and doubt at some point.

Everyone wonders: Am I good enough? Is my work good enough? Can I really add anything of value that’s different than what others are already offering? Am I going to fail?

But, the biggest difference between those who get accepted to great acting schools and those who don’t isn’t necessarily some magic "something"—the biggest difference is that even with these doubts and fears, they choose to take action anyway.

And that’s what we want you to do.

From years of working with young actors on their drama school auditions, we’ve learned that the single most effective thing you can do to get accepted to great training programs is to JUST GO FOR IT. You owe it to yourself.

If you have passion in your soul for acting—start with that.

If you have a dream school that you would regret not applying to—start with that.

If you have a monologue that’s been done 100 times before, but you’ve got a unique personal take on it...START WITH THAT!

We completely understand the fears that come along with auditioning for a world-class actor training program. We all got accepted and graduated from top drama schools! And make no mistake—it’s a lot of work.

But if being a working actor is what you know you want to do and you have a desire to study at the conservatory level…

We urge you to put your doubts aside and take the leap.

And this fall, we’re going to help you do it in the most powerful way possible (more on this later).

But for now, we’d like to introduce you to one of our friends Gabii Torres who never thought of applying to top drama schools until she was urged to do it. Now she’s a second-year student at Juilliard because she believed in herself.

Gabii is growing her craft in an inspiring environment EVERY DAY, but before applying to Juilliard and other schools, she thought they were too far out of reach.

Yes, you read that right.

If this sounds like something only a handful of actors thought prior to getting accepted to drama school, think again. Thousands of actors who get accepted to great acting programs each year only auditioned because someone told them to, not because they thought they should.

Gabii took her passion, her authenticity, and she put it in front of schools. She knew that she had knowledge and presence and value that she could offer to the world. And she didn’t let thoughts of “maybe this is unrealistic” or “maybe there aren’t enough people that would relate” stop her from auditioning.

Listen to Gabii's conversation with Anthony Wofford about how she got into drama school below. Or you can click here to listen on YouTube.

You don’t need to know everything there is to know about acting to get accepted into a training program.

And you don’t need to have “the perfect monologue.”

The passion that you already have—right now—is the perfect place to start.

At How To Get Into Drama School, we’re challenging actors like you to push yourself to offer schools your best work with confidence.

The How To Get Into Drama School eBook is the perfect place to start on that course.

To get the eBook for HALF PRICE right now, all you have to do is enter your email here and you’ll have access to the special offer. Then, we’ll guide you along the way with inspiring stories, important resources, and we’ll introduce you to some big name mentors, who want to help all of our young actors get accepted into great schools!

We want this to be your most authentic (and inspired) work yet. We want this to be the audition that you take your work to another level, that you give your gift in the most beautiful way...and GO FOR IT.

Keep creating!

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