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If at first you dont succeed

Not everyone will be accepted to their top choice of drama school. Thousands of students will apply to programs that only accept 18-22 students per class.

Scarcity, more than any other reason, knocks potential students out of the running in most cases.

That is a condition that no auditioning student has any control over.

Even If you have done everything “right”, you are still at the mercy of the simple fact that hard choices had to be made.

When schools are forced to make tough decisions, they begin basing their decisions on rather arbitrary reasons.

The biggest of these reasons is how well one actor over another, may gel with the group they are constructing. Or how well one actor over another, fits into their idea of the group.

That could come down to sex, race, height, vocal quality, presence, general disposition etc.

These reasons have NOTHING to do with your talent level or your worth as an artist. They dont know your talent level. Nor do they know your worth as an artist.

Auditors can gather an IDEA of what you MIGHT be capable of, but there is no way they can see who you are entirely in just those few minutes.

Maybe you didn’t sleep well the night before because of nerves and your energy is lacking. Maybe the auditors didn’t sleep well and are not as attentive as they could be. Maybe they had a bad morning or got bad news right before your audition. Maybe you remind them of a student they didn’t have the best time teaching.

There is really no way to know the reason why you were not accepted. So NEVER take the rejection personally. Rarely is the decision personal. Take the rejection as information. Use the rejection as fuel.

Come back and try again.

If you KNOW that actor training is meant for you, being rejected is just an early lesson in what it means to be a professional actor. Rejection is as much apart of being an actor as learning lines.

Yes, rejection stings, but REJECTION DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. If you let it inspire you, you will look back on rejection and be thankful for it.

Everything functions in cycles. Even college auditions. This fact gives us a great number of chances to attempt reaching goals and making changes.

The cyclical nature of life gives us the power to constantly observe and adjust. The better we get at observing and adjusting, the better our chances at achieving our goals.

Even if we dont hit the EXACT goal we’re reaching, we may find that where we end up through our tenacity is a more practical situation than what we initially imagined.

If at first you dont succeed, do not be discouraged. Regroup. Reevaluate. Observe. Adjust. And try again.

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