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This Should Be Your Mentality For Your Entire College Audition Experience

Prep Through Performance, all of us who got into top drama schools BROUGHT these 3 things. It's how the schools remember you!


You want to get into a great acting training program. 

Inevitably, there are obstacles as you prepare and even in the audition room.

They are different for each person based on their unique situations. There's a million things...

We overwhelm ourselves.

We fear we're not getting enough clear advice.

Our parents create doubts in us.

These and others are just examples of some powerful obstacles that can take our attention away from the job we're here to do...

Get into drama school!

It's not your fault that you experience obstacles. Heck, there's tons of noise out there pulls us in different directions, but these 3 things will help you blast out all the noise and keep you laser-focused on delivering a great audition throughout your entire prep and your auditions.

If you want to get into a great actor training program, you have a responsibility to bring 3 things and bring them seriously...

Your Passion.

Your Pieces.

Your Primary Vision.

That is the easy-to-remember trio that keeps you on track when thinking about what you need to deliver in the room.

Every one of us who got in shared these 3 things very strongly. 


the emotion

Your tangible excitement for being there.

The specificity with which you listen.

Your willingness to play full out with your imagination.


the craft

You are focused, concentrated, and skillful.

You are in-command and in your imagination.

You are sharing the fullest realization of these pieces with your utmost authenticity. 


the desire articulated 

You are sharing your story.

You are articulating what you personally want from acting training. 

You are creating your future.

You're auditioning for YOU. This is your opportunity to take the wheel anytime you feel lost or out of control. Let go and bring your passion, your pieces, and your primary vision. You'll be right in the zone.

Action Steps: 

Write these down. 

Keep it in your notebook. 

Work hard on your pieces.

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