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🎥Video inside! What to Avoid in Your Drama School Audition | 💀Audible Breathing!💀

Auditors should not hear copious amounts of loud inhales and exhales between thoughts. It's bad acting at it's finest.


As actors, we all know other actors who breathe really hard when they act.

When we talk to them afterward, it's funny because we can't hear them breathe at all. Their breathing is totally silent in real life.

So it's only the "actor" side of us that breathes audibly?

That don't make no sense!

In life, hearing someone breathe when they talk is rare, and that's how it should be in your audition.

The truth is, audible breathing is simply a bad habit that some actors have developed, but it's not their fault.

Audible breathing creeps in for multiple reasons, and the good news is it's as easily eliminated as it was created!

Just read below and watch the video to gain full awareness of what audible breathing is and make sure it does not get in the way of you delivering your BEST WORK YET in your drama school auditions!

Why do some actors inhale/exhale really loudly during their work?

It's 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. We want to tell the story and we use audible breathing to indicate what's going on with the character.

  2. We're actually going through something emotionally and breathing audibly lets ourselves off the hook from that interesting/vulnerable moment.

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