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Perfection is an illusion

On your journey to being accepted into a top drama school, the pressure to be perfect will show itself many times.

As you work monologues to within an inch of their life, fill out application after application and chase down the quality recommendations, it will be easy to think that If you could just get this task or that task perfect, then you will attain the thing you want so badly.

It is important that you recognize this impulse, understand what it is worth and make a different, more sustainable choice.

The work and the process that you cultivate is the true catalyst to your success; Perfection is an illusion.

Perfection implies an end result. That is to say there is a destination; a place where you will end up and feel as though you have made it or that you are somehow done working.

The truth is, the work never ends.

Once you have achieved perfection or believe that you have achieved perfection, whether in word or deed, the thing you thought perfect immediately begins to go into a state of decay. If this perception is not remedied then the decay will rot and destroy the thing you held as complete. You will find yourself having to start over; your work in vain.

On the other hand; if you see all of your work as works in progress, and rely on the PROCESS to be the thing that fulfills you; then you are laying a road of never ending satisfaction and perpetual progress.

The PROCESS, knows no end. The habits and growth you develop and gain on your journey to getting into top drama schools, will be more necessary once you’ve started your training than when you were auditioning.

This is also true for when you graduate. Graduation is not an ending, but A new beginning, for an artist with a bag of new tools. The work begins again.

There is no place for perfection in an ever changing world. Perfection leads only to stagnation and complacency. Perfection sees no need to ask any more question. Perfection says that this place where you have landed is good enough and “good enough” is no good at all.

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