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Is Coaching right for YOU?

Hello fellow actors, my name is Nasiyr, and I have recently been accepted to Rutgers University BFA program.

At the beginning of my journey, I had a decision to make, whether or not I was going to get coaching on my monologues. I made up my mind relatively early, more like in the summer of 2020. I had just graduated high school and got into a couple of drama programs that weren't so great. I quickly found out I didn't know much about this topic, and I figured there was more information on it. I found Anthony W. and Brandon G.. Here are a couple of things to think about while figuring out if coaching is something you want to embark on.

Do you know how to tell the difference between a good conservatory program and a bad one?

If you believe that any program that offers acting training is good enough, you'd be mistaken. Certain aspects go into a good conservatory program, and the major one is faculty. Faculty can make or break a program; these professors are training you to be the best actor you can be, so you would want them to be the best of the best. If you are brand new and have no idea who the great teachers are, you might want to consider coaching. (Anthony, Brandon, and John are wizards when it comes to this topic)

Do you want another set of eyes on your pieces from people who went through the same experience as you?

When starting this journey to college auditions, most students assume they have everything they need to get into drama school because they have had a couple of leads in high school. While that is amazing, college is a whole different ball game. People are auditioning from all around the world to the same schools you are, and they're seeking training to help put their best foot forward. Sometimes it pays to have a coach who knows nothing about you at first, so they're not obligated to tell you that you did a good job. They're looking through with a different vision from yours, whereas friends and teachers who know you can pick up on your vision. The great thing about the guys at How to Get into Drama School is that they have been in your shoes and have gotten into the top drama schools in the country. They know what it is like to wait and go in the audition room and feel like they could have given better performances and be nervous about going in. They can guide you and give you tips to help you go in and have the confidence you need to do your thing in the audition room.

Do you know any great pieces?

Sure, this can be solved simply by looking online and finding a monologue you connect with, and boom, you're golden. However, I said GREAT pieces. The problem with looking online for monologues is that anyone can put anything up there. An aspiring playwright who had no history, no training, heck, he's never even shown anyone his work to get feedback can post a monologue he wrote online. Now you can use that; however, these auditors watching you know great pieces and know what great dialogue sounds like. Now, of course, if you genuinely enjoy and connect with a piece, it is possible for you to rock it. However, if what you're saying isn't of high-quality writing, your auditors could lose interest, they could find it challenging to understand your purpose in that piece, they can even be flat out confused. Now, if you got a coach to help you find a great monologue written by an experienced and talented playwright that you connect with, we're looking at possible acceptance to the school of your choosing.

In closing

It's a challenging and competitive process to audition for drama school, even with coaches, but having a coach to help put you in the best position to present yourself confidently to these auditors can heavily increase your chances. How To Get into Drama School is a fantastic group of working actors who've gone to the top drama programs such as Juilliard and Yale. They help mold you into confident actors ready to work, experiment, and play in that audition room. They have a beautiful track record of students that have gotten into exceptional programs such as Juilliard, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, and many more. If you're new to this process of drama school auditions, I highly recommend getting coaching from these guys. They're worth it.

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