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Audition Do's and Don'ts: 💀Overgesturing💀

More financial aid, deciding to just GO FOR IT, and 10 Shakespeare monologues to look at...

These were the topics of the last few blogs I wrote for you. If you’ve read them and soaked them in, congratulations! 

You are better prepared and on track for your drama school auditions (and getting accepted)!

To continue getting you equipped for a great audition at world-class training programs, I'm giving you a sneak peek into something exciting...

I'm creating an awesome ONLINE COURSE for you later this year. It's a "How To Get Into Drama School" Online Course, and it's super fun.

Here's a video called "Overgesturing" from inside the course!

It's from the section called "Working Your Monologues", and you get a sneak peek because I know what it's like to be where you're at and any information like this is helpful, so enjoy!

If you want to connect deeper with your pieces...

If you want a reliable and realistic mentor for your college audition prep...

If you want to negotiate for more financial aid...

I'll keep you up to date with the latest college audition tips and helpful content.

Start by entering your email here and I'll welcome you with a special gift:

I look forward to hearing your story!


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