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3 Tips for Auditioning Students: Guest Bryanna Felipe (CMU '23) Shares College Audition Insights

Updated: May 3, 2020

So many young actors are applying to get into the top acting programs each year, yet so few know what's really important! Carnegie Mellon actor Bryanna Felipe shares the top 3 lessons learned from her 2019 college audition trip. Take notes!

How To Get Into Drama School welcomes a new blog contributor, Bryanna Felipe, a young actor who recently got accepted to Carnegie Mellon's world-class B.F.A. Acting program. She is a sharp, inspiring individual who believes in passing down helpful tips and resources to young actors applying to top drama schools.

Here are Bryanna's top 3 tips from her 2019 audition trip...


Have FUN

Think of the audition as an opportunity to do what you love and as an opportunity to share your work. With that said, your pieces should reflect something you’re passionate about; they should reflect a story you want to tell.

When you choose pieces you are passionate about, you will put the most heart into it… you will put the most YOU into it and THAT is what the panelists want. They want to see who YOU are. When you choose something that you’re passionate about, it will make you more comfortable to have fun when you enter that room.

It’s important to remember that you are auditioning for a school. So, don’t try to be perfect! You go to school to learn, to grow, to experience.

So, work on your pieces prior to the audition and be open to having fun with them when you’re in the audition room!

Wake up at least 2-3 hours early before your audition

Waking up early before your audition is very helpful because it gives you time for yourself.

If you wake up at the time you’d wake up to get ready for the audition, you don’t allow yourself to check in with your mind and body beforehand.

It’s important to check in with yourself before an audition so that you can feel grounded and in tune with yourself.

You can do this by meditating, doing yoga, and taking a moment to ask yourself “How am I feeling today? Where am I holding tension? How can I make this day the best it can be?”.

Setting aside time for yourself before the hastiness of getting ready for the audition will help you feel grounded and it establishes a peaceful, healthy start for your day.

Don’t picture any school as your absolute top choice

The selection of schools you choose to audition for in totality should be your top choices.

I suggest not to have a top choice because you can fall into idolizing a school. By doing so, you have the potential of creating distance between you and the panelists. Idolizing one school as your top choice can excite your nerves and veil your genuine energy in the audition room.

It’s a great thing to be open-minded to attending ANY of the schools you chose to audition for! Doing so will encourage you to do your best and to have fun in every audition since you picture no school to be better or worse.

They’re ALL your top choices! You can thrive wherever you go, it’s all about being resourceful and taking the initiative to make things happen!

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