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3 Facts About the Current Students at Your Drama School Auditions

Some of the current students at the drama schools you’re applying for like to be a part of the audition’s what you need to know.


There will be no current students IN your audition room, but there will likely be current students in the waiting area.

You‘ll most likely be introduced to them by the faculty when you arrive and/or they will introduce themselves.

You‘ll be able to chat with them and you’ll see them chatting with others who are auditioning.

Here‘s what you need to know...

They’re not there for any other reason but to support you and answer questions.

You’re the one going through the exciting things that day. They’re happy to be a part of your experience, and they want to support you in whatever way helps you deliver the best audition possible. If you want to know where the restroom is or if you want to know something about the school, you can ask.

I personally don’t remember 1 current student from any of my auditions. I’m sure there were current students there saying hello and talking to us (there always are), but I was just in a different headspace and I didn’t really have any questions or desire to talk to current students. So I don’t remember any interactions if I had any. But that’s just a reflection of who I am and how I wanted to be on that day (which we’ll talk about in a minute). There’s no right or wrong. The students are there to support you in whatever way you need - plain and simple.

They have no influence on the outcome

If they’re asking you questions, don’t think it has an impact on your audition. It just means they’re being social, and for some, that’s super helpful. Don’t worry if you say something stupid or you’re not being noticed or you’re being too noticed. They’re not doing reconnaissance for the faculty. They’re just excited to be there and they have no influence in the decision making process.

The only thing that matters is your work, so you get to decide how you want to deal with the current students’ presence in order for you to deliver your best work.

If you feel that being in a quiet place is best, that’s great. No need to interact with current students. If they interact with you because they’re excited you’re there, you’re free to answer their question and excuse yourself politely so you can find a quieter spot.

If you choose to interact with current students, that’s great too. You can ask them questions about their experience and how the school is. They’ll give you honest answers.

Whatever you choose is great - this is YOUR day - just be aware that current students will be there.

Typical questions they will ask are “Where are you from?” Do you have any questions about (name of school)?“

Remember this is likely a worldwide (at least nationwide) applicant pool, so it’s interesting to them where you’re from. They’ll also ask “How are you feeling?” and questions that are appropriate for the occasion. Always remember, this is YOUR day and you delivering your best is all that matters so you determine how you’d like to interact.

They were once in the same exact position as you.

It’s easy to change once you get that acceptance letter and walk with a little more swag because you officially know what school you’re attending! But they were not a (insert school name here) student a few years ago! They were in the exact position you are. Everybody’s got their time. This is yours.

Use the current students who are at the audition to your advantage or don’t use them at all. They’re fine with it either way, and none of it has any bearing on your audition. You’re there to audition for YOU and current students are there to support that in whatever way is best for YOU!

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