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The word can make the best actors in the WORLD shudder with fear.


But here are 2 words that can change your artistic life forever...


Gary Logan.

He is the most in-demand Shakespeare Trainer in the world. 

He is on the faculty at a top drama school - Carnegie Mellon University. 

He wrote a book called The Eloquent Shakespeare, published by Chicago Press. 

He was the head of an MFA program for 12 years in Washington D.C at The Shakespeare Theatre. 

He's directed, acted, and coached over 400 professional productions. 

He happens to be a friend of ours. 😊

And this fall, you can be one of his students in our new Shakespeare training program!

it's called how to get into shakespeare.

It will launch this fall, in October or November. Exact date TBD.

If you want be the first to know the all the details when we release them, enter your email below now!

Thanks, you're in the know!

Here's what we can tell you now...

"How To Get Into Shakespeare" is an online course led by Gary along with Juilliard & Yale Grads.  


1-on-1 private coaching sessions with Gary Logan.


So you can take your Shakespeare to a higher level than most pros in no time! 


Now keep in mind, some of the best actors in the world pay THOUSANDS for just a small amount of time with Gary.


The value of this online course exceeds $2,500.  

And that doesn't even include the private sessions with Gary, which take it above $5,000 in the blink of an eye.


due to our relationship (and gary's generosity), you are going to get the full online course *plus* private sessions for somewhere between $497-$997. 


That is a STEAL for Shakespeare Training with Gary Logan.


But he cares very much about spreading his Shakespeare knowledge to young actors...


And he adores our audience because they are hard workers and passionate about the craft.

So even though he's very busy with teaching and coaching, we're making it happen!! 👏👏👏👏

Gary is excited. We are excited. We hope you're excited. 

We will announce more in the coming months. 

*Remember* this product launches later this year, in October or November. 

It offers valuable training for learners at each skill level. 

for now, CLICK HERE TO be an early bird and get all the details as soon as we release them. the early bird gets the worm, meaning the best price and most amount of calendar availability with gary! 


The truth is, there's no skipping steps. 

If you can do Shakespeare, you can do ANYTHING!


And this course will not only be something that teaches you Shakespeare...

But it's a whole upleveling of your artistry and the way you look at the craft.

So stay tuned.

We support you!

And, to help you get a feel for Gary and a jump on Shakespeare, check out this podcast with him next: 


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