About Anthony Wofford

Do you remember when you first got started acting?


I do. I was 14 and a senior in the drama department came up to me after I auditioned for West Side Story and said "You're funny. You should come read with the advanced group."

No idea what that meant, but he was an all-knowing being, so that was the beginning of my acting training.


Each of us has different paths and ultimate goals in our acting work, but you can never go wrong with a great foundation.

When it comes to the beast that is college auditions, that's what How To Get Into Drama School is....


A GREAT foundation for acceptance into the best B.F.A acting programs the world has to offer.    

Choosing your monologues, choosing which schools you're going to apply to, getting your letters of recommendation solid, making your pieces better with coaching, taking a headshot, and generally feeling all the excitement is an amazing experience in your life. 

It's something I still remember like it was yesterday. I LOVE that moment!

And that's why I committed to being the world's best mentor on this topic for you!

It's fun for me to create helpful content and deliver it to you, all with the notion that it's possible for YOU to get into a great school for acting!

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